If you take a hundred random people from all over the world and put them in a room together you will quickly find there is one thing they all share: dreams about the future. Some dreams will be small, some will be big. Some will dream to change their lives, others dream about changing the world. Some dream about a different past, others dream about a different future.

The dreams that managed to gain enough momentum can be found throughout the landscape, whether as landmarks, international space stations or, when dreams turned into nightmares, as disaster zones. They can be seen in the smiles of those that managed to realize their dreams, in the eagerness of those still struggling to achieve them and in the sadness of those who have failed.

When I travel I try to navigate through this dreamscape, to find and discover the dreams of today or learn more about those of the past. Whether talking to those who dream about sending their parents off to paradise safely, those who wish to start their own business or standing in the ruins of dreams long forgotten, there is always one common factor in all these dreams: they are understandable. Sometimes the situations I find myself in have a rather dreamlike quality themselves.

By documenting these dreams I encounter and the people or places that dream or dreamt them I hope that the visitors of my site will get an insight in the daily lives of people around the world and will understand that no matter how different our cultures or beliefs might be, we all share this one common thing: dreams about a better future.

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