Notes on Iran

I have greatly enjoyed traveling through Iran, meeting its kind, curious and warm people and seeing its magnificent landscapes, cities and historical buildings. I would highly recommend traveling to Iran to anyone, in fact it is one the most interesting places I have ever visited.

Obviously, Iran is also a country with a lot of political conflict and strongly suppressing free speech. This is why the articles relating to Iran do not show the faces of the people mentioned in the articles and names and locations have been mixed up. What this means effectively is that an encounter that is described as having taken place in Tehran might have actually taken place in Esfahan. A person I spoke to in Shiraz is someone I might have actually talked to in Ramsar and their names have been changed.

Why? Because I do not want to risk the safety and freedom of those who spoke openly to me about their lives and shared their opinions and dreams with me. If you want to get an impression of just how bad it can get, I strongly suggest reading this article and I hope you will understand the necessity of my precautionary measures.

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